Differentiators of Our Services

Differentiators of our services include:

  • Highest level of quality control

  • Emphasis on accuracy

  • Inter-observer and intra-observer reliability

  • Reproducibility

  • Subject specialist readers

  • Continuous and ongoing quality assessment

  • Secure transmission platform

  • Easy to use internet based platform for upload/download of images

  • Cloud-based and physical servers for storage of large amounts of digital data

  • Quick turnover of image analysis

  • Founders include academic ophthalmologists who are Key Opinion Leaders and advisors to drug and device companies

  • Customer service orientation with accessibility and customization based on client needs

  • Ability to work with images from nearly all commercially available imaging devices





Boston Image Reading Center
Phone: (855) 535-BIRC
800 Washington St., Boston, MA 02114

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Clinical Director: Nadia Waheed, MD.