Project Timeline


Stage 1: Project Planning

  • Consultative services for project design

  • Draft of study specific interpretation forms

  • Establishment of study structure in BIRC portal with study site and sponsor login

  • Study specific site and photographer manuals

  • Certification of sites and photographers


Stage 2: Study Start

  • Upload of patient images to BIRC portal by study sites

  • Images stored on secure servers with backup

  • Image assignment to two expert readers

  • Image interpretation by readers

  • Interpretation results stored

  • Results communicated to Contracted Research Oranization(CRO)/Data Safety and Monitoring Committee(DSMC)

  • Sponsor login to view workflow and reports generated


Stage 3: Project Wrap Up

  • Report for sponsor generated in any preferred standard format

  • Data export for CRO and sponsor customized to sponsor requirements

  • Assistance in data analysis and drafting manuscripts as needed

  • Ongoing access to data as needed by sponsor

  • Easy access to data to allow for post hoc analysis







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Clinical Director: Nadia Waheed, MD.